Larry Sarner: Monica Pignotti Character Assassination?

Dr. Monica Pignotti is seeking to make a reputation and career for herself in the mental health field. Most in this field hold M.D. or Ph.D. degrees.

Pignotti has, for some time, been associated with one of the various fringe groups operated by Larry Sarner. This group’s activities seem to be nothing more than defaming licensed mental health practitioners.

Sarner holds bachelor’s degrees in political science and mathematics. Sarner is not, and has never been, a licensed mental health professional.

Sarner sought to combine what he had learned by attempting to invent improved voting machines. Sarner’s designs must have been flawed, as his machines did not work.

Sarner failed to repay those who had loaned him money, and investors believed they had been defrauded. Sarner lost every case associated with the matter. Sarner’s appeal consisted of a conspiracy theory so fantastic that the court refused to hear his argument.

Sarner and his wife, Linda Rosa, ended up in bankruptcy court as a result.

It would appear, absent any other information, that Sarner is a failure in his own field!

Sarner is not qualfiied to critique mental health practices.

Larry Sarner is not respected within the skeptical community, and has had several public disagreements with prominent skeptics such as Bela Scheiber and Jim Lippard.

It would appear that Sarner is an unsavory, disreputable individual. He is hurting Monica Pignotti’s professional development.

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  1. You should be ashamed of yourself for publically making comments that you have no business or expertise in discussing. It’s offensive to have such behavior from a person who claims to be a professional social worker. If left up to Monica Pignotti, attachment therapy and behavioral therapist who really do the work of helping children would be out of business and unavailable to the torn families of children adopted with severe trauma and attachment issues. How dare you criticize without walking a mile in the shoes of one of these parents. I am one. I challange you to a day in the life of parenting a RAD child. As if…
    Please discontinue to misrepresent yourself. Pignotti is NOT AN EXPERT on Behavioral therapy that teaches therapeutic holding restraint techniques to adoptive parents of severly disturbed and emotionally disturbed children. As a licensed professional and parent of a special needs (adopted in Russia) child, I have had to, at times, protect my own body. It has taken me and my spouse both to do the restraints effectively to help our son calm down when enraged. Our son, during a meltdown, was like a tornado. This happened constantly anytime we told him no. Unless you are the parent of a child like this, you do not know what you talking about Ms. Pignotti when you criticize the doctors and therapists who have devoted their lives and professional careers in helping parents and children heal. To ignore the problem by using ineffective methods of therapy is abusive. There are safe methods of restraints for children that work to teach them to calm themselves down after lives in the orphanages of constant stress and neglect. The parents have to protect themselves, too. You can’t call the paremedics over to do what you call a safe hold on our son to keep him from stabbing himself 10 times a day. The real world out there isn’t going to allow their violent tantrums or verbal abuse. Plus what kind of a life would that be for a person? I don’t want to see prison as a future for my son. From experience as a therapist and as the client of a son in Play Therapy and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, it doesn’t work. Traditional therapies don’t go deep enough into their preverbal traumas. Only safety and development of trust can start to heal that wound. No, the real world expects him to calm himself done, and this is TAUGHT. I am an advocate for doing what works, and the use of therapeutic holds as described in Dr. Ronald Federici’s book in emergency situations was totally appropriate. I am proud to say that with professional and parents who would not give up on him, my son is a healthy boy today who can handle his emotions as developmentally appropriate. Recovery is possible. My son was a worst case scenario of complex diagnoses-and he overcame it with the help of his therapeutically trained parents and professional help from licensed professionals. Monica Pignotti is licensed professional in therapeutic training and doesn not have any hands-on experience. I don’t believe she is in a postiion to speak on this subject. I see over and over Monica’s slandering of other professionals who are actually in practice and working with families to help them, while all she does is defend herself and accuse others of a smear campaign against her. Who started this mess, Monica? Where is your responsibility for your actions to smear others? Maybe you are getting a tast of your own medicine. Not so great, huh? Are you a victim of early abandonment and trauma resulting in mental illness? Have you even ever considered the actual needs of these kids? You are out of line, Ms. Pignotti. It is quite difficult not to judge you as a self-seeker using real professional names as the tags in your critical comments to raise your own name publically.

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