Larry Sarner Calls for the EXCORIATION of WordPress

gollumIf you go here, you can see that Larry Sarner said:

WordPress needs to excoriated in the strongest possible terms. Obviously it is not their bottom-line that motivates them in this case, but their CONVENIENCE, especially the convenience of their STAFF. (”You have no idea of the continual complaints that are coming in…”!) Had they been concerned with their bottom-line, they would have remembered that controversy is the hallmark of blogs, and taking the role of editor-in-chief would give bloggers pause to use them as hosts. If I were an active member of the blogging community, I would be organizing a boycott of WordPress.

It is laudable that DoD is taking up the cudgel. I hope your courage is rewarded with many bloggers fleeing WordPress and it’s ilk — not just because they have to, but BEFORE they have to.

By the way, it wasn’t by “the end of day Sat, Aug 22″ that the blog was suspended. It was within hours of the early-morning warning given (by “Mark”?), certainly by 10am EDT. Interesting, an ultimatum issued in the wee hours on a weekend, and then not even waiting out the deadline given. I’ve seen exactly that kind of behavior before.”

For the sake of Project DoD, let’s hope that Sarner is not applying his expertise in designing non-working voting machines to solving their hardware problems.

Larry Sarner is entitled to his opinions. It is, however, clear that WordPress will not tolerate unsubstantiated claims about medical conditions or criminal histories, and that they are reluctant to refer to reputable educational institutions (in particular, one run by a state) as degree mills.

It is, however, a matter of public record that Larry Sarner’s failure(s) as an inventor of voting machines resulted in several lawsuits, all of which he lost.

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