Confounding the Doubters

sarner_casesIt is, unfortunately, the truth that Larry Sarner tried to invent a “better” voting machine. His design failed, his investors lost money, and the result was a mess of lawsuits.

There are those who do not believe this. Fair enough. This is the summary page from PACER showing some of the litigation. If there is a conspiracy to defame Sarner, then PACER is part of it!

Since then, Sarner, and his wife, Linda Rosa (also involved in litigation) have taken to depicting themselves as “experts” in child psychology, an area in which they have no qualifications.

Sarner is, in various places, described as a cryptographer. There are, however, no references in reputable sources to his work in this field, so one must wonder if these claims are as bogus as his voting machine designs.

Sarner and Rosa also see fit to associate with Monica Pignotti. Pignotti is a former Scientologist; some time after leaving Scientology, she became a practitioner of Roger Callahan’s “Thought Field Therapy” and “Voice Technology” (both are as dubious as Scientology). She has a reputation as a repudiator; she will become an enthusiastic endorser, and then walk away and attack.

One cannot help but wonder if this will happen to Jean Mercer. Mercer is an unlicensed professor psychology. She draws a wide range of support from unlikely sources. such as Eldon Braun.

Braun is a copyright violator, something he shares with Charly D. Miller. Miller provides “content” for blogs operated by Sarner and Rosa in the form of “opinion papers” which are, lamentably, often laced with extensive amounts of copyrighted material she does not own.

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